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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine includes over 300 individual herbals of plant, animal, and mineral material. Each herb has detailed properties of how it interacts with the body and with other herbs. Chinese Herbal Medicine is special as it includes a collection of herbs that work synergistically on the body. It proves to be a safer and effective method to combine the herbs in a balanced way. This allows for the Chinese Herbal Formula to be utilized effectively in the body.

In our practice Chinese Herbal Medicine can be included in your overall assessment to improve the outcome of your health goals. A formula is prescribed to suit your individual needs. We have a complete herbal pharmacy in stock and ready to be ordered herbal medicines. Herbal formulas are prescribed in tablets, tinctures, and teas. Chinese Herbal Medicine and supplements are prescribed for your health condition. Chinese Herbal Medicine helps to support or manage your medical condition. Herbal medicines will include plant, animal, and mineral material unless otherwise noted to the practitioner.

Chinese Herbal Medicines can be consumed in tincture based, pill form, or granules. We can also provide raw herbs for decoction on a case by case basis. In addition Chinese Herbal Medicines can also be taken as oinment or liniment applied topically to the skin surface. Cost is determined by the formula and frequency and may very from patient to patient.

* We do not recommend stopping your current pharmaceuticals without physician advise.