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In our practice Acupuncture technique includes Traditional Chinese Medicine based principles and diagnostics that have been used for thousands of years. We use fine sterile single-use needles for painless needle of Acupuncture points. Even children seen in our practice are able to relax and experience the healing effects.

Acupuncture treats the body, mind, and spirit. Components that are indistinguishable to each other within treatment. Research studies have shown effective relief of conditions which include but is not limited to depression and pain with Acupuncture — see our list of conditions treated with Acupuncture. Not only are the results present but there are no long-term side effects with Acupuncture treatment. Lasting results for pain management, focus, and calm state of being are all responses from patients who have experienced Acupuncture.

With modern refinements in treatments a successful approach to healing and prevention has been developed and utilized in our practice to reach your health goals. Acupuncture combined with diet and exercise contributes to Better Living through a healthy lifestyle.

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